Hey! Native Shoes is the best shoe company. 

Their website is super!  Me and Stephanie Gonot shot most of these photos. 

Supplements for Refinery29, Calcium


Please join Gratuitous Type at KKOutlet from 7-9pm next Thursday (Oct 2) for the launch of our new issue and a month-long exhibition featuring work from Issue 4 contributors including: Emmet Byrne (US), Claire Huss (UK), Kokoro & Moi (FI/US), Tim Lahan (US), Letterproeftuin (NL), Pure Magenta (US), Raw Color (NL), Table of Contents (US), and Dries Wiewauters (BE).

Photograph by Stephanie Gonot and Pure Magenta.

I made some photos with Sarah Kissell for the new Gratuitous Type magazine and an exhibition in London! 


1 PAGE AT A TIME is my new daily creative journal with (over) 365 pages of internet, dad jokes, inspiration & uhh, soul-crushing personal reflection. 

Available everywhere 10/7 from Perigee/Penguin or adamjk.com/book.

Photo by stephaniegonot.

Made a sunny pic for Adam JK’s new book! 

First set of images from my Chambord shoot with Adi Goodrich are up!